Reflective Practice? What’s In It for You?

Why should I take this course?

As educators and those involved in supporting the foundations of learning, it’s so important to never stop learning and growing yourself. The Reflective Practice Series is not only about discovering new skills but also refining the skills you already have in order to keep up with the energetic minds of young children you continue to inspire and work with every day.

About the facilitator:

Lorrie Baird is back again to facilitate this 12-week series with 6 bi-weekly in-class sessions along with a continuous online community of practice on the alternate weeks. Having an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator such as Lorrie has been a key reason for the success of the Reflective Practice at Work series. Lorrie has been an active member in the early learning field for 30 years and currently works as a Pedagogical Leader and Associate Executive Director with Compass Early Learning and Care in Peterborough, Ontario.  

Lorrie has delved into the early learning field, increasing her knowledge of the teaching and learning process. As an educational leader and professional learning facilitator she believes in engaging educators in reflective practice and ensuring that our work in adult learning parallels that which we want to promote with children.

Why reflective Practice at work?

What makes this series so unique is the close-knit learning environment Lorrie creates. Participants work in small groups in order to engage in discussion on topics such as: meeting up with children’s minds, the art of observations, authentic language and considering our image of children, just to name a few. This series focuses on capacity building, personal and professional reflection, and enhancing your daily work interactions and practices.

Additional Training: Become a Facilitator

For those who want to extend their learning and apply their skills during the series, there is also the option of taking the one-day Reflective Practice Facilitator Training. Effective facilitation can deepen and enrich conversations through supporting the process of learning together. Lorrie Baird will be running this free 1-day training for those looking to integrate facilitation in their daily practices. Participants of the training session will also be asked to guide group discussions throughout the 6 in-class sessions during our Reflective series.

Register Early!

Limited spaces are available, so we urge you to sign up as soon as possible before the Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 deadline.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Read how the ‘Reflective Practice at Work’ series has impacted other educators who have been through the 12-week series in the past:

Being a part of the reflective practice workshop series, I can honestly say I leave each class full of motivation and knowledge. There is a challenge to each class that is embraced with such support that you never feel afraid to express your values and experiences. Lorrie is a wonderful guest speaker and truly connects with each student and member of the course. This is not a "quick fix" of professional development as some workshops are. This is an in depth look into new concepts as well as an opportunity to self-reflect on how to make your childcare centre the best it can be. These workshops are truly inspirational.  – Educator

I met wonderful people from whom I continuously learned from. I learned how to sometimes sit back and listen because I typically love sharing. I also now consider the concept of reflection to get to intentionality with the children. Loved this course with so much substance and loved the wealth of information Lorrie brings to the table. 

- Educator                                                                                    

A huge thank you to Lorrie for her inspiring and motivational training sessions over the past 3 months. You have provided educators with a new vision and strategies to implement learning, very inspiring. - Educator


I really enjoy attending this workshop getting more experience answering many questions. I would like to have an answer with more information. Thanks for giving me this chance and if permitted I will repeat it again next fall 2017. - Educator