Resource Centre's Most Popular Items!

 The Light Cube

The light cube adds a new element of curiosity children love to explore! Did you know, offering open-ended materials allow children to follow and lead their own play? Children enjoy this durable, and soft-edged cube with multiple colours, creating strobe effects or soft light changes. Both parents and educators have expressed enjoyment of bringing this material to play that stems interest and engagement for children. The light cube has also inspired a light section of the library, which now offers light cubes, a light table and light accessories… come explore our light section today!


Building Language Photo Magnets

Photo magnets with images of realistic elements and word association are simple but prove to be an effective way for children to stimulate word recognition and sentence structure. These magnet kits come in different categories for children to explore such as animals, community and food. The resource kits have been borrowed multiple times by parents and educators who enjoy the simple but engaging material, that children love to grasp, hold, stack and arrange. 


Sandpaper Letters

This well-known Montessori material cannot stay on the shelves for long! These materials support both letter recognition as well as a tactile experience for exploration. This multi-use item allows children a unique sensory experience through the contrast in textures, allowing for an inquiry based learning experience. Allow children to explore the world of communication that makes sense to them.



The Resource Centre helps inspire learning, growth, development and fun through all of the engaging materials it has to offer. To find out more about the Resource Centre and how you can borrow items today, click here for more information! 

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