Setting Your Child Up for Success... It Starts with Practice

Setting Your Child Up for Success… It Starts with Practice

Sending your child off to school may seem like an emotional and nerve-wracking experience for parents and caregivers. Families may find themselves asking: How do I know if my child is ready to attend school? What can I do to help my child feel prepared and be successful? Where can I turn to for help?

This August, CDRCP EarlyON is hosting weekly virtual School Readiness Workshops. In case you missed our first one, titled “Set Your Child Up for Success,” this virtual series will help families overcome common obstacles faced when getting children prepared for attending school.


What are School Readiness Workshops?

Each workshop focuses on a different topic that relates back to the subject of school readiness. The idea for these workshops originated from a parent’s comment during one of our virtual programs. From there, we asked families what topics they would like to discuss and school readiness proved to be an important topic for discussion.

In the first session, parents and caregivers learned about how to enhance their child’s self-help and independence skills. In the second session, “Socialization and Emotions in the Classroom,” the material focuses on the social emotional side of kindergarten-sharing, tantrums and the very important social skills that will be fostered in the classroom. In the third session, “Kindergarten Curriculum,” we will dive into the Ontario kindergarten curriculum and debunk some myths about what is expected from kindergarten children and the report card marking system. Throughout the series, we encourage families to send in their questions for the final session, taking place on August 26th, “Parent Questions and Answers,” where the workshop will be structured as a question and answer period.

            “Often times families may have questions regarding school readiness and are not quite sure who to turn to for accurate information,” explains Mildred Frimpong, EarlyON Program Supervisor and host of the workshops. “Supporting your child for life-long success in school is not only about the academics, school readiness has many components. Our EarlyON team wanted to provide families with the supports and resources they need.”


Success = Preparedness

For this session, we defined “success” as “preparedness.” We aimed to help parents and caregivers understand how to give children the tools they need to be prepared for each day at school.

The biggest take-away from this workshop is the importance of practicing. Families should start practicing now as it takes children about 21 days to build new skills. From self-help skills like toileting, undressing and dressing, and feeding, to independence skills like packing lunch bags and back packs, putting on their back pack and opening containers. Now is the time to determine if the items we plan on sending to school with our children will work for them.

As we approach the end of summer and winter creeps closer and closer, it’s also very important to have your child practice putting on their winter outdoor clothing.

Through encouragement, support and practice, children become more than capable of developing the crucial skills they need to feel ready for school. And you can experience the joy of helping your child achieve these amazing milestones.

As a final reminder Mildred says, “You are your child’s biggest advocate. If they need extra supports, contact your school and work with the principal and teacher to find the right aids or resources that best increase your child’s ability to succeed.”

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