School Readiness Tips

Starting School this year? School Readiness Tips from our EarlyON Team

Even though school is going to look a little different this year, it’s still extremely important to prepare children for what’s to come and help them develop the skills they need to be successful in the classroom.

That’s why this August, CDRCP EarlyON hosted weekly virtual School Readiness Workshops. Each workshop focused on different topics related to school readiness. The idea for these workshops originated from a parent’s comment during one of our virtual programs. From there, we asked families what topics they would like to discuss and school readiness proved to be an important topic.

In case you missed our last virtual Workshop, titled “Parent Questions & Answers”, hosted by EarlyON Program Supervisor Mildred Frimpong, here’s a recap of what was covered and how you can support your child entering school.


Self-help skills

Throughout this session, many parents raised questions around improving their child’s self-help skills. “Self-help skills” are defined as the everyday tasks that enable children to meet their own needs, such as:

  • toileting
  • eating,
  • dressing
  • and brushing teeth

These basic skills assist a child’s development towards independence and can set them up for success when they’re in the classroom.

However, mastering self-help skills may not always be easy for our young ones. It’s vital that we encourage children to explore their natural “do it myself” instincts while providing support and guidance when necessary.

For example, for a child who takes quite a long time getting dressed, we could:

  • Make getting dressed into a game to see if your child can beat the timer
  • Sing a song about each task that has to be completed
  • Try to stay in close proximity and give short direct verbal instructions of each step that needs to be completed

Keeping creative ideas like these in mind will help you and your child overcome these self-help obstacles down the road.


Our top tips for families

If your child is still struggling, here are our top tips for families regarding school readiness:

  1. Speak positively about school, teachers and the experiences they will have (Avoid speaking about your concerns or fears in front of the child)
  2. Practice opening containers, water bottles, getting dressed independently because mastering new skills take time
  3. Take a walk or drive to your child’s school and allow them to explore their new environment
  4. Remember that all children develop differently – if you ever have concerns about your child’s development seek support from professionals, such as your child’s doctor, EarlyON resource consultants and ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development.

Above all, Mildred encourages families to remember that attending school is a big milestone in a child’s life. “Although this school year may look a little different, your child is going to learn a lot this school year. Encourage them to make good choices and be a nice friend. Our education system is preparing children for future careers that don’t yet exist. Critical thinking and problem solving are very important in the kindergarten years.”


If you have questions about your child’s development, or are looking for resources to support you, connect with InfoPeel, via phone, email or online chat 905-890-9432 l [email protected] l