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CDRCP and Region of Peel Public Health have worked in collaboration to revamp the Keep on Track manual. The 2017 Keep on Track manual is being launched to support child care and early years administrators in accessing up-to-date and relevant health related information. The new manual can continue to be accessed through www.cdrcp.com and the content will be updated by Peel Public Health.

CDRCP and Region of Peel Public Health are committed to our continued partnership to provide the community with relevant and current health related information.  

Resource List:

Section 1

Health Records and Requirements for Staff

Immunization and Health Information for Child Care Centres:

Section 2

Infection Control, Outbreak and Illness Management in Child Care Centres 
(cleaning, disinfection, outbreak response, childhood illness and exclusion criteria, posters)

Section 3

Food Safety & Food Handler Certification

Water (drinking water & recreational water)

Section 4

Feeding Healthy Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Child Care Settings: Meal Planning tools and information to share with parents:

Meal Planning for Child Care Centres: Menu Planning & Supportive Nutrition Environments in Child Care Settings - Practical Guide

Menu Assessment Tool: Menu and Nutrition Environment Self-Assessment Tool for Child Care Settings

Nutrition Sample Policies, Activities, Factsheets for Parents: Paint your Plate with Vegetables and Fruit - A Toolkit for Ontario Child Care Providers

Section 5

Health and Safety

Injury Prevention

Burns and Scalds

Car Seat Safety

Wheeled Activities

Playground Safety

Section 6

Children And Families Needing Special Help

Section 7

Dental, Hearing, Vision, Speech/Language

Section 8

Risk Management