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Succession Planning for EarlyON Executive Directors *New

Succession planning is often seen as a process which is needed only when the leader of the centre decides to step down. However, for any centre with long-term goals, it is critical to have a well defined succession plan developed way before the actual leadership transition happens. This webinar will cover what the process of succession planning looks like from a shared leadership, sustainability and a risk management lens. 

Duration 24 minutes: Click Here

Trauma Informed Care: Supporting Families and Fostering Resilience - Available until October 30, 2021

Is your organization trauma informed? Trauma informed care takes the following into consideration:

  • It is based on an individual's strengths
  • It respects the impact of trauma
  • It provides a holistic view of safety
  • It builds trust and empowerment

In this webinar you will learn to identify the components to creating a trauma informed organization, and how to support families and foster resilience.

Duration 1 hour and 6 minutes: Click Here

Understanding the Connection: Racism and Trauma - Available until September 25, 2021

In this webinar you will review the concept and prevalence of trauma, including inter-generational-trauma , and how it impacts racialized communities. You will explore the guiding principles for developing a trauma-informed approach to addressing systemic racism in your organization and community.

Duration 51 Minutes: Click Here

Successful Reopening of EarlyON Programs *New

As EarlyON programs reopen during COVID-19, we need to maintain the warm, welcoming environment that families are used to while also taking new health and safety practices into consideration. We will look at ways to empower parents as competent, curious and capable co-learners while providing opportunities to learn through paly and inquiry. This webinar will help prepare staff mentally and emotionally as they work towards reopening in such a challenging time.

Duration 24 Minutes: Click Here

Living and Working in the Times of a Pandemic *New

As of July 31, 2020, the Region of Peel entered phase 3, which means you can enjoy a meal inside a restaurant, go to the movie theatre, or attend a gym class.  Are you ready? Some people are eager to get back out there with just as many people who are cautiously avoiding such public indoor events.  The priority for most us during the past 5 months has been to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from getting infected or exposed to COVID.  We have created bubbles, or double bubbles that include: family, friends, and neighbours to maintain a connection for our health and well-being.  Transitioning back to work can provoke certain anxieties or affect our mental health, as we ensure that all is clean, safe, and protected, possibly inducing burnout or feelings of stress.

Duration 1 hour: Click Here

Navigating Challenges and Supporting Well-Being in EarlyON Settings in the Region of Peel *New

Our world; and more specifically our community in Peel, has experienced unprecedented change in recent months.  The Covid – 19 pandemic demonstrates both our shared “humanness” as well as a significant paradigm shift in our workplaces.  As experienced professionals who work in EarlyON settings being cool, calm and collected is essential for us to be able to think clearly and to de-escalate potentially challenging situations with children and families.   While “keeping it cool”, we also need to ensure that we continue to demonstrate cognitive and emotional empathy which drives the connection in our relationships.  Please join me to consider the workplace we will return to and some practical tools and strategies to support your relationships with children and families during challenging times.

Duration 34 minutes: Click Here

Power, Privilege and Racism (Part 1) *New

What is social justice and where do the roots of social injustice begin? In this webinar you will explore the root causes of social injustice such as racism, discrimination and oppression that exist in Canada in a colonized context. We will examine issues of social injustice in order to enhance a sense of belonging for all children and families through anti-racist pedagogy.  In this webinar participants will:

1) Explore the root causes of social racism within Canada

2) Examine how power and privilege may lead to racism

3) Distinguish differences between anti-bias and anti-racist pedagogy

Duration 36 minutes: Click Here

Identifying and Reducing Microaggressions in Early Learning and Care (Part 2) *New

Micro aggressions are verbal or nonverbal slights against minority and racialized groups. They happen causally, frequently, and often without any harm intended. Micro aggressions reveal bias towards others and leave behind uncomfortable feelings.  In this webinar, participants will do the work necessary to recognize micro aggression within the context of working with young children and families in order to create inclusive environments where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  In the webinar participants will:

1. Distinguish between implicit and explicit Bias

2. Become aware of microaggressions

3. Explore the effects of microaggressions on the recipients

4. Reflect on addressing microaggression to foster an inclusive environment

Duration: 29 minutes Click Here

Team Building and Leadership Strategies for EarlyON Managers *New

This webinar offers leadership and management strategies and tools to support you and your staff as work resumes while COVID-19 remains a factor. Apply best-practice learnings based on effective change management models. You will learn to focus your communication on team building to sustain staff morale and establish a positive learning environment for staff and families.

Duration 54 minutes: Click Here

Data and Social Media Analytics for Online EarlyON Programming *New

Analyzing your organization’s data to inform programming and operational decision-making is critical to achieving desired outcomes for the families and community you serve. Social media platforms also offer analytics tools to help you understand the effectiveness of your online presence and online programming.  This webinar provides a primer on data analytics and provides information on how to use data analytics features on Facebook and YouTube.

 Duration 57 minutes: Click Here

 Virtual Facilitation Skills for Online EarlyON Programming *New

As we respond to the changing needs of the community, and shift to delivering programs virtually, we need to apply our in-person facilitation skills to the online world. This webinar will guide you to becoming a virtual leader and help you create a virtual plan. We will explore virtual protocols and safety practices, how to engage families online, and do’s and don’ts for online facilitation.

Duration 30 minutes: Click Here

Cyber Security for EarlyON Programming *New

Social media is a great platform for reaching families, community building, and delivering your service.  However, it is important to understand social media security in order to protect your information and programming, your organization, and your clients. This webinar will teach you about cyber security, and review common security issues to watch out for. You will learn how to deliver online services safely on both Facebook and YouTube.

Duration 45 minutes: Click Here

Building and Rebuilding Relationships After COVID-19 in an EarlyON Setting *New

This webinar explores different ways that program facilitators can support families during and after the COVID-19 pandemic including: 

- Connecting with families virtually 

- Fostering a sense of belonging as families are welcomed back to EarlyON programs 

- Creating a welcoming environment while rebuilding relationships 

- How to reflect on our own needs to ensure that we are prepared to support others 

Duration 31 minutes: Click Here