Individuals in the Health Care Field

Developmental Pediatrician

This is a child's physician who practice includes primarily children with developmental difficulties of one kind and another. This physician can make a diagnosis, and order further testing, as needed. In addition, the Developmental Pediatrician is able to assist with other medical programs that may occur in your child's life as time goes on. A referral from a family Physician is needed to get an appointment with a Developmental Pediatrician.


This Physician is trained in mental disorders and their treatment. The Psychiatrist is another person who is qualified to diagnose Autism/PDD. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications for problems in this area.

Psychologists and Psychological Associates 

Psychologists and Psychological Associates are registered as independent practitioners with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. A Psychologist generally has a doctoral degree and a Psychological Associate has a Master's degree. They are trained to provide assessments, therapy and diagnosis for a variety of intellectual, emotional and behavioural issues. Psychologists and Psychological Associates may be involved with your child to assess his or her current developmental level, provide a diagnosis, and provide feedback and consultation related to behavioural, parenting, family or emotional issues.


Individuals with a Bachelor or Master's degree, who typically works under the supervision of a Psychologist, are involved in assessment (testing) of individuals. They may provide counselling or therapy, depending on their training.