Transition Checklist for students with disabilities in high school

The transition to adulthood is an exciting journey that takes time, planning and much preparation. This is a time that students and families can think beyond where they are today and dream about the future. Consider this an opportunity to converse with your family, school staff and support team about plans for adulthood.

The Transition Checklist was developed for students, families and school personnel as a resource to identify different areas that students and families may want to explore when getting ready for the future. Each area identified on the checklist is connected to a reasource sheet.

The Transition Checklist is also intended to initate very important conversations which may help students become more prepared for the future. It is designed to help increase awareness about issues that may require attention.

Please be advised that this webpage and the Years One-Seven documents are subject to reviews and updating as needed. If you have any questions regarding transitions or require information or assistance please connect with Pathways and Information Peel, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (905-890-9432) or access the Special Needs Information Peel online directory 

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Transitions Planning Tool Webinar
This webinar goes over the components of a transition planning tool that was developed by the Transition Advisory Committee of Peel This tool can be used and shared with individuals, their families, teachers and agencies to ensure everyone is working together for a common goal.

Transitions Planning-Toolkit & Portfolio
This Toolkit and Portfolio has been designed to help you gather, keep and use information to plan for a meaningful transition to adulthood. 

Connections Guide-Peel Region
This guide has been written to provide you with information on transition planningandtoidentifysomeoftheissuesyouneedtothinkabout. It will also provide you with information on accessing services in Peel Region that may be useful to you as you begin to plan for your child’s life beyondschool.

-Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) website that has information and worksheets for young people with developmental disabilities to help them plan as they move from high school to adulthood.